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Peace Through Yoga 300-Hr Advanced Training

Do you remember the excitement [and overwhelm] you felt back when your 200-hr training program first started? Over time, as you put what you learned to use and gained clarity on what you had studied, did you realize that what was once overwhelming was really just a scratch on the surface of yoga’s rich philosophies and practices? We understand how that desire to know more can evolve into a yearning to embrace yoga at a deeper level, especially in our modern world. Our program is designed to meet the Yoga Alliance yoga teacher training requirements while offering deeper insights into how yoga helps us to face the modern challenges of stress, diversity, mental health, disconnection, and divide.


Peace through Yoga’s Advanced 300-hr Teacher Training meets each student’s quest for knowledge with a uniquely structured program of core and personal studies. Director Blair McKissock, PhD, ERYT-500, recreation therapist, researcher, and lecturer has developed a series of foundational core modules that are required of all students and special experiences unique to Peace Through Yoga. Because of Blair’s training and expertise, you can expect an experiential approach to much of your studies in a format that differentiates our program from others. Devaki Lammet, MA in psychology, ERYT-500, is the co-leader of our training. She brings her expertise in yoga from teaching internationally, Ayurveda and yogic philosophy to create new and enriching experiences in living a yogic life. Both Blair and Devaki have specializations in coaching and psychology that are woven through the training. The teaching environment is enriched by our location at Strides to Success, a horse farm and therapeutic learning center just west of Indianapolis where students can explore yoga in natural spaces.


Our advanced program of modules exceeds Yoga Alliance requirements to earn a 300-hr certification [formerly known as the 500-hr certification]. In addition to your 300-hr Certification, you will also receive certifications in Chair Yoga and Eco-Yoga, diversifying your skills and experience as a yoga teaching professional. You will hone and advance through practice, hands-on experience, and teacher and peer reviews, as well as valuable discussions on creating programs for special populations. You will learn how to expertly facilitate beginner to advanced classes, recognize the subtle dynamics of human interaction, and approach teaching in a way that embraces the diversity of all people who come to the mat.

The world continues to change, it needs yoga.  The Peace Through Yoga teacher training will teach you what is necessary to succeed in life and practice as a yoga teacher.

Our Advanced 300-Hr Yoga Teacher Training is a weekend module-based training program. You will be able to choose three additional workshops to dive deeper into areas of study that interest you. Our program is a blend of in-person weekend intensives, online classroom work and personal study. Students will be responsible for teaching karma classes, assisting in classes and completing a capstone project. Classes will be held at Strides to Success in Plainfield, Indiana. This farm located just one mile from the airport provides a tranquil oasis just minutes from downtown.

Weekend Dates

Sept 28, 29, 30 | Oct 25, 26, 27 | Nov 22, 23, 24 | Dec: Off for the holidays | Jan 18, 19, 20 | Feb 21, 22, 23 | Mar 21, 22, 23 | April 24, 25, 26 | May 8, 9, 10
June 26, 27, 28- Retreat Weekend TBA | July 24,25, 26

Class Times

Fridays: 6-9 pm
Saturdays: 9 am-6 pm
Sundays: 11 am-5 pm

teacher training curriculum

Our 300-Hr advanced teacher training program is divided into 10-weekend modules making it easier to accommodate folks from outside Indianapolis. Each class begins with a check-in, opening mantras and invocation. Each session will include an asana practice relevant to the topic. Students will learn through traditional instruction during the weekend modules and then utilize an online learning platform during the rest of the month. This online platform is user-friendly for the not-so-tech savvy folks. The training is divided into sections that cover:

    • Foundations of Teaching
      Laying the groundwork to transition from beginner teacher to advanced teacher, including weaving yogic philosophy into teaching, clarifying our own beliefs, teaching methodology and creating an inclusive class.
    • Advanced Practice
      Moving beyond the basics and diving into functional anatomy, physiology, neuroscience of yoga, teaching advanced postures, modifications for special populations, injury prevention and energetics of yoga.
    • Yoga for the Modern World
      Learning how we can apply yogic principles to help our students combat stress and stress-related illness, as well as how we integrate yoga into our daily modern lives. You will gain experience working with different populations teaching the karma yoga class at the farm location.
    • Integrating Yoga and Business
      Integrating yoga in a holistic career through diversification of services, learning how to include custom workshops, coaching services, online platforms and marketing strategies to build a sustainable yoga business.
    • Interconnectedness
      Realizing our connection to the people in our community, the greater global community, and the natural world through the practice and fellowship of yoga.

Out-of-Class Hours
35 hours of yogasana instruction from a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) are required outside of our class time together. Your enrollment includes 35 hours of classes at all of our studios. Additionally, you may take classes at other studios to fulfill this requirement.

Weekly Study: 2–4 hours (includes reading, assignments and online discussions)

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Swami Satchidananda
  • Yoga Anatomy, 2nd Edition, Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews
  • The Bhagavad Gita by Eknath Easwaran
  • The Upanishads by Eknath Easwaran

Tuition includes 3 workshops, 35 yoga classes, discounts on studio workshops and programs, our training binder, Peace through Yoga t-shirt and other relevant “surprises.”

Investment: $4,000

Save $100 by registering and making a $500 deposit by August 31, 2019.

Save $100 by paying in full with check or cash before the first week of class.

Payment plans available upon request – 10 monthly payments of $350 (cash or check). Accelerated plans available too – please contact studio.

Reservations: $500 non-refundable deposit (applies to tuition)

300-hr training faculty

Blair McKissock PhD CTRS ERYT-500

director of teacher training- lead teacher

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Blair McKissock brings many different perspectives to the practice of yoga. She started teaching yoga many years ago with Peace Through Yoga having attended both the 200 and 300hr trainings with the studio. She brings her practical experience as a recreation therapist working in outdoor and equine assisted settings with many different types of clients including clients with disabilities, trauma, and PTSD creating inclusive classes. She brings her work as a wellness coach helping people live their best life through behavior change connecting the sutras with personal growth. She also brings her works in academia and research diving into the how’s and why’s of what makes yoga so transformative. She will help you discover your personal strengths as a teacher and create a unique one of a kind experience for your students. You can expect that no two classes with her will ever be the same and you can also expect to learn in an experiential way.

Devaki Lammet MA, ERYT-500

C0-Lead Faculty

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Devaki H. Lammet has been an international experienced yoga instructor since 2000, and has been living in yoga and retreat centers for many years. She is a Yoga Alliance CE Provider, an Ayurvedic health counselor and a L.M.T. (IN) and holds an M.A. in psychology from the University of Cologne, Germany.  “Yoga and Ayurveda have been my lifestyle for 20 years and it would be a great pleasure to make my experiences available to YOU!”

Susan Holewinski ERYT-500

Participating Faculty

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A part of the health and fitness industry since 1992, Susan Holewinski competed in cross country and track during college, ran the Boston Marathon, and taught step aerobics and spinning. In 2002 a foot injury from running led Susan to search for new modalities of exercise and therapy. Inspired by the healing aspects of holistic movement, Susan began practicing Pilates and earned her mat first certification within the year. A consummate student of anatomy and movement, Susan studies with leaders in the industry – Pilates elder Mary Bowen, founder of the Franklin Method Eric Franklin, Integral Anatomy with Gil Hedley and Anatomy Trains with Tom Myers. She regularly attends educational workshops to keep up-to-date on the latest research in the fields of Pilates, yoga and functional movement. With her running history, she has a special interest in feet, knees and hips. Her passion is helping students of all ages and abilities discover and achieve their potential not only in movement but also in life. Susan leads a practice fueled by the belief that movement keeps the mind sharp, the body flexible, and the spirit renewed.

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Charlie Lucas, ERYT-500

Participating Faculty

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A much-loved teacher, Charlie weaves affirming themes throughout his well-crafted sequences with uplifting quotes and thoughts. He is a perennial student of all aspects of yoga, the mechanics and structure of the human body; as well as, the spiritual teachings. Charlie’s specialties include precise cueing, sensitive manual adjustments, hand balances and inversions. Charlie originally came to yoga as a means to strengthen an ailing lower back that was hampering his meditation practice. It wasn’t long before he recognized the greater benefit of yoga: the centering of mind, body, and spirit with the breath. Charlie lives his yoga. His passion, experience, and expertise shine in all aspects of his teaching. Charlie has studied with and been inspired by the following teachers: Marsha Pappas, Les Leventhal, Chris Roche, David Romanelli & Amy Thomas.

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Mindi Epstein, ERYT-500

Participating Faculty

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Mindi came to her own practice of yoga as an avid runner and cyclist to improve her sports performance. Imbued with an alert, eager spirit, she quickly recognized the power of yoga and committed to this practice of authenticity and self-acceptance. What began as a quest for external movement led to internal stillness Mindi didn’t know she had been seeking. Since that discovery well over a decade ago, she has been driven to share the transformational benefits of yoga with others.

Motivated by her passion, Mindi took a calculated leap of faith and became what she unabashedly calls “a corporate refugee.” She abandoned her successful career as a Senior Vice President of marketing and communications for a large not-for-profit organization and delved into the realms of entrepreneurship as a yoga studio owner. She steered Peace through Yoga’s rapid growth by developing yoga communities where previously there had been a dearth and need. Each location has become woven into the fabric of the communities they serve through local support and events, and by offering personal yoga instruction, an appealing variety of classes and workshops, and certified yoga teacher trainings.

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Laurie Miller, ERYT-500

Participating Faculty

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Laurie is a certified yoga therapist and has treated athletes and clients for injuries and disabilities.

Laurie is skilled in the practice of a variety of yoga styles, from the alignment-oriented Iyengar style to Vinyyasa and Anusara yoga. This blended background, along with her many years of experience and her passion for yoga, makes Laurie’s classes fun and engaging, as well as transformative. Although she takes her yoga very seriously, Laurie believes that a sense of humor with a sprinkling of yogic wisdom helps her students relax and enjoy the practice more. She is delighted and honored to share the gift of yoga with anyone who even has a spark of interest in yoga and the many benefits it offers.


Thank you for your interest in our 300-Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program

The following are required in order to be considered for admission:

  • Completed Immersion application- Click here to complete the online application
  • Proof of 200-hour certification from a Yoga Alliance registered school
  • Conversation with an Immersion master teacher [to be scheduled upon receipt of the above materials]
  • $500 deposit [non-refundable if accepted to program]

Admitted students will receive an Immersion Welcome Package.