“Joining the 200-hour Real Life Yoga Immersion program has been one of the best decisions I’ve made!”

Sara N.

This has been amazing.

Beth I.

Thank you for helping me find myself.

Natalie D.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your knowledge and sincerity are amazing.


Thank you for bringing all of these amazing women together and for leading us on our journey. Thank you for everything you taught us.

Natalie D.

The Real Life Immersion program has given me invaluable skills to apply to the toughest of life’s situations and it has been the best dedication of my time so far!


Thank you for encouraging me to take this amazing journey…I have learned so much. I have met some fantastic people. I have truly added years to my life through 7-month journey.

Sara N.
begins sun, september 8 in speedway

200-hour yoga teacher training

A journey for the heart, mind and soul.

For more than 10 years, our teacher training program has been a comprehensive exploration of the heart and science of yoga, exceeding the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher requirements of the national accreditor, Yoga Alliance.

begins in late september, offsite

advanced 300-hour training

We meet you where you are.

Develop skills to become the yoga teacher you want to be by building on the knowledge acquired from your 200-hour program to earn 500 hours of training. Expand your Yoga experience and customize your electives to pursue your fields of interest.

200-hour teacher training certification
advanced 300-hour certification

Not for future teachers only! Our Yoga Alliance certified training programs are a path to Self-discovery. As you study sacred yogic texts and explore the mechanics of your magnificent body in the poses, an awakening occurs, a sense of belonging stemming from a connection to a greater whole.
Join fellow students at Peace through Yoga on a similar journey for knowledge and fulfillment.