cynthia larmore

KYM 100
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Cynthia began her yoga practice in 2011, seeking a low-impact alternative to running.  In mid-2018, when introduced to Kaiut Yoga, she instantly knew this practice was something she wanted to share with friends and family. It felt accessible; the poses are within the reach of nearly everyone. 

Training with the founder of this form of yoga, Francisco Kaiut, she learned that by focusing on subtle movements and adjusting the intensity, duration, or shape of a pose, she could provide a range of experiences relevant to individual students. And by ‘demanding more’ from her own body, she felt surprisingly challenged in new ways.  

As a nurse, now retired, Cynthia has seen the impact of injury, illness and chronic pain on her patients. She understands the importance of taking steps to care for your body, especially as we age. Her goal, for herself and her students, is healthy aging, for any age. Movement is the key.  Kaiut Yoga sequences, consisting of a series of poses and stretches, can help you ‘unravel’ or ‘unlock’ restrictions, resistance and rigidity, restoring mobility and balance to your body.