For Beginners

beginners, you are not alone

Yoga Essentials for Beginners at Peace through Yoga
is our four-week introductory program for those new to yoga.

Our program establishes the foundation for a lifelong yoga practice with emphasis on breath work, physical alignment, strength and flexibility. We will allow for plenty of time and assistance each week, and will use props as needed to make each yoga pose work for your body.


speedway tuesday    speedway thursday


We will begin by laying the foundation with an introduction to yoga history and philosophy and breathing techniques. Our focus will be on standing and balancing poses.

This class introduces the concept of muscular engagement. We will learn seated and hip opening poses, as well as a new breathing technique. Class includes a review of standing and balancing poses.

Our focus will be on physical alignment for a safe practice of yoga poses. We will learn twisting poses and backbends and a new breathing technique, as well as review the previous week’s seated and hip-opening poses.

This week we put it all together! Our class will be a complete Beginning Yoga for All Bodies class so you can experience a “real” studio class under the instructor’s watchful eye. Additionally, we will discuss the resources available to you to expand your practice.

Completion of this program entitles you to special offers for future classes.

$65 Yoga Essentials for Beginners

Tuesday in Speedway, 7:30-8:45 pm

Thursday in Speedway, 12:00-1:15 pm

Pre-registration is required due to limited enrollment. No walk-ins, please.

We have mats and yoga props you are welcome to use at no additional charge.

“Love the wood floor, subdued lighting and music. Quite serene.”

Carrie L.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your knowledge and sincerity are amazing.


“I learned a lot. It is especially important to me to remember that this is a practice. Like education, yoga is ongoing.”

Lara C.

“The workshop was wonderful. Peace through Yoga teachers always move me forward with their words and instruction – such delightful teachers. They are authentic and have beautiful souls.”

Kathy C.

“You gave us so much information and made this a much deeper experience for me.”

“You gave us so much information and made this a much deeper experience for me. Thank you.”

Grace L.

Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Megan D.

“I love the amount of time spent on each pose and the instructor!”

“I feel so much more comfortable and ready to take yoga classes!”

Beginner Student

Class was great last night. I’m glad I found a studio that is closer to home than downtown!

Amy S.

Thank you again and again and again for being the one to bring yoga to me!

Kathryn W.

“I enjoyed learning the basics and all the poses correctly. Love the energy from you also—and the attention.”

Christi K.

“Kudos to Beginning Yoga! Hip pain is completely gone! My increased flexibility has greatly reduced my lower back pain. The other thing I love about continuing to attend my yoga class is I have noticed greater core strength and much better balancing ability!”

V. Bartick

“I learned a great deal in an unintimidating environment.”

I took the back bend workshop in Zionsville and want to tell you how much I enjoyed it!  I am new to yoga and was so very impressed with the time the teacher took to help with body alignment, props and recognizing when a yogi (student) was doing the best they could.

Robin D.

“Yoga has taught me to be more compassionate and forgiving of myself and others. I see changes in myself in just 6 months and am excited about what the future holds. Thank you for allowing me to find a yoga home at Peace through Yoga.”

Marisa H.

“Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your knowledge and sincerity are amazing.”

Hannah J.

…best money I ever spent on myself.

Sara N.

“Very calming and not intimidating.”

Rob H.

Your classes have made such a difference in my life. You are great!

Ulla C.

frequently asked questions

If you have questions about yoga, you can be sure others have had them too.
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
What if I've never done yoga before?

Congratulations! You have just taken your first step toward trying yoga by asking this question. You may be most comfortable in our 4-Week Beginner Series where you can learn the foundations and principles of yoga before attending a regular weekly class.

Another alternative is to come to one of our Gentle/Restorative or Beginning Yoga for All Bodies classes. Our certified yoga instructors provide direction for easing into and out of the poses safely, and are there to assist you. There are many variations of each pose, and your instructor will guide you into the one that is best for you.

Something to remember is that yoga is referred to as a “practice.” That means every yogi is always learning regardless of what level of experience he or she may have. In the end, we are all new to yoga because each time we roll out our mat, we are exploring something new.

Is yoga for me? I don't look like a yogi!
We love this question because you are not alone in holding the misconception that a yogi is young, lithe and flexible like a rubber band. A yogi is anyone who practices yoga. We practice yoga for the physical benefits of improved strength, balance and flexibility; for the restorative benefits of relaxation, stress control and improved breathing; and for some, the spiritual benefits of quieting the mind and finding something deeper within. One does not need to “look like a yogi” to achieve these benefits. They are available to all.

What should I wear to class?
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing because you will move in and out of poses in every class. Yoga includes forward bends, which you will want to take into consideration when selecting a top. Bottoms should be comfortable around the waist. Yoga is practiced without shoes and socks.

Which class is best for me?

Sometimes the “best” class for you depends on the day and how you are feeling. Take a moment to take stock of how you are feeling. Agitated? Try a Gentle/Restorative class. Energetic? Register for a Vinyasa, Baptiste or Ashtanga class. Lethargic? Pick up your energy with any of our Vinyasa classes. Rusty? Our 4-week Yoga Essentials for Beginners workshop or regularly scheduled Beginning Yoga for All Bodies classes will get you back in the game.

We encourage you to try different styles of classes. There is always something to be learned from each instructor and class format, and modifications to poses can be offered to ease you into a pose or to challenge you. If you are pregnant or have any physical limitations, we suggest starting with a Beginning Yoga for All Bodies or Vinyasa Level I class (and please inform your instructor before class).

How do I register for classes?
You can register from the convenience of your computer, tablet or phone on our website any time before class. We strongly recommend advance registration. We like to know you are coming! Plus, check-in is easy when you arrive at the studio – simply sign in and find your favorite spot without having to stop and pay. In the event of an emergency (yes, we had a tree fall on an instructor’s car before class), we will call you if you are registered in advance. Thank you for registering online!

What should I eat before class?
You will feel most comfortable if you come to class with an empty stomach (think of forward bends on a full tummy). Eat no less than 2 hours before class so your food has time to digest. Drink water before and after class so your body is well hydrated. Yoga poses can cleanse your body of toxins, so water aids in moving these out of the body.

What if I can't do a pose?
Yoga is a practice, so everyone is somewhere on the learning curve no matter how experienced a yogi may be. That means you may think you “can’t” do a pose while we interpret that as meaning you are “learning” to do a pose. Your instructor will offer you modifications and assistance so you gain the benefits of the pose. Ultimately, the benefits are the purpose of the practice, not the poses themselves.

Is yoga a religion?

You are not alone in asking this question. After all, what is this fad called “yoga?” This popular practice actually is thousands of years old. While it has been associated with Hinduism because of its origins in the Indus Valley, yoga does not impose a belief system on its adherents. Instead, it is a science to attain optimal health, a peaceful mind and a more meaningful, purposeful life.

People of all faiths and religions practice yoga. Their reasons for coming to the mat are as individual as they are. Some desire the physical benefits of the practice – the stretching, strength-building and skeletal alignment. Others seek refuge from our busy modern world – yoga is 75 minutes of being unplugged from all electronics. Yet still others come for spiritual reasons because the mindfulness of the physical practice, the attention to the breath and the relaxation techniques allow them to quiet the mind and focus within.

we meet you where you are