The Power of YOU!

By Diane Schabath

One of my favorite motivational quotes is by Anthony Rapp, “There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.” It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Yet with all the demands, priorities, and crises we face each day, it’s hard sometimes to fearlessly be ourselves….our authentic selves. After all, there are consequences. I can’t stand up to my boss…I might get fired! I don’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings; she’s been a good friend to me. I don’t want to argue; I’ll lose anyway, and it wears me out. Do any of these sound familiar?

I’ve been in each of these situations. I knew my strengths, but found myself “giving in” to others too often. I’ve been in conversations where I want to feel more in control rather than micro-managed. At other times I just felt as if my self-confidence needed a boost. So I studied, and I practiced and I learned. I learned how to be assertive, how to stand in my power and how to renew my confidence. And the biggest thing I’ve learned is that it’s an ongoing process. I’ll feel confident and will get the results I want, then a few weeks or months later a new situation occurs and I need a different approach. Over the years I’ve built a toolkit of ways to keep my confidence high. Each time a need arises, I check my toolkit and find something that will work for the specific situation. 

So let’s begin by reading out loud (yes, you!) the following quote: “She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished. How beautiful it was that she always chose herself.”-
Tyler Kent White

Here’s to YOU!

Would you like to know what Diane has learned? Join us at Peace through Yoga Zionsville on Saturday, May 13th from 1 till 3:30 pm and she will help you build a toolkit for keeping your confidence high! We’ll discuss power words and phrases, how women give away their power, and tools and techniques for renewing your self-confidence when it wanes. See you at The Power of YOU!


  1. Traci

    I like that quote. Anthony Rapp has proven to be a wonderful person on stage and off.

    I, too, have fought with confidence and assertiveness. It was nice to read about the idea of toolkits and pursuit of new approaches even after you’ve found ones that worked before but do not work any longer.

    1. Mindi Epstein

      Traci, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Stay the course!

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