Studio classes

We believe all students are created equal in heart and spirit.

We believe there is no such thing as a perfect pose. And, we believe individual yogis are inspired in different classes and by different teachers. Therefore, Peace through Yoga maintains a broad schedule of classes and teachers so students will find the perfect home for their own expression and expansion.


Kids Yoga

Creative play inspired by yoga poses and the imagination allow children ages 4-11 to express themselves kinesthetically and verbally. Through movement, song and crafts, our teachers engage youth in dynamic and interactive activities to develop healthy learning and socialization skills. Children learn self-regulation techniques through breathing exercises and mindfulness practices integrated with active play. Class winds down with a period of deep relaxation so children leave feeling enlivened and refreshed.

Invest in Your Practice


New Student Offer: $29 two-weeks unlimited classes at all four studios

Walk-In: $17 [Zionsville, Speedway, Danville]
$15 Franklin Special Offer
Monthly Unlimited Classes [autodraft]:
$99/mo [Zionsville, Speedway Danville]
$69/mo Franklin Special Offer
10-Class Package: $135
[expires 4 months from first use]
5-Class Package: $75
[expires 4 months from first use]
Veterans 10-Class Package: $100
[expires 4 months from first use]
4-Week Yoga Essentials for Beginners: $55
Paddle Board Yoga: $35

Class packages are valid for use at all studio locations unless noted otherwise.


Youth (≤ age 18)

Walk-In: $10
10-Class Package: $80
[expires 4 months from first use]
Sibling: $5
No charge for accompanying adult [for kids classes only, ages 12 and under]


My daughter told me about her experience at each of your three locations and invited me to attend a class with her in Danville. I have attended 5 Beginner Yoga classes at another studio in the past two months. Your class is what I have been looking for!

Vicki O.

Thank you again and again and again for being the one to bring yoga to me!

Kathryn W.

Good workout! Pushing myself a little more each time.

Lynn M.

Thank you! Love your studio!

Monique B.

“I cannot say it enough, I love the studio! The small town feel, the love teachers have, and the relaxed atmosphere no matter where the mat lies. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Amanda P.

“I have deep respect for the attitude my teacher brought to the class and the service and the gift she gave to us through her dedication and passion for yoga.”

Allyson H.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the class yesterday and your studio is beautiful. I have learned over the past two years that I absolutely love yoga and realize at my age it is something I need to include in my weekly workouts. I am currently taking a class on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday and would like to include more if my schedule allows.”

JoAnn E.

…best money I ever spent on myself.

Sara N.

The teacher explained the breathing and the poses. Her manner immediately put me at ease and allowed me to relax and move into my body and the experience.

Vicki O.

Class was great last night. I’m glad I found a studio that is closer to home than downtown!

Amy S.

“I think yoga is probably one of the very best things I have done for myself, and with your help, was able to continue.”

Elizabeth B.

Your classes have made such a difference in my life. You are great!

Ulla C.

We all are talking about how our Sunday class really relaxes us and puts us in the right frame of mind for Monday. I actually don’t hate Mondays at work anymore!

Anne S.

“I had a great ‘workout,’ worked hard, felt energized from this morning class, and finished with a great deep relaxation.”

Christy S.

“You have the most wonderful teachers, all of them.”

Katie B.

“All of your instructors are awesome people.”

Sarah K.

“I love the instructors because of their gentleness, confidence, comforting attitude and knowledge.”

Kathy C.

The thing I love about continuing to attend my yoga class is I have noticed greater core strength and much better balancing ability!

Ginny B.

I recently practiced with a friend. We agreed that it was such a blessing to go to a studio that believes in training and inspiring teachers to teach. They corrected poses, offered the setting of mindful intentions and truly focused on its students!

Lisa S.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your knowledge and sincerity are amazing.


“After my teacher led us through quite a bit of warm-up, I got chatturanga for the first time! I was in a state of joy!”

Haylie S.

Our gentle class was awesome! THANK YOU!

Anne M.

“I just wanted you to know I have been going to class for a little over 3 months now and I love my teacher! She is friendly and warm, challenges you but doesn’t push you too far, doesn’t make you feel badly if you can’t do a pose, is very nonjudgmental, and always seems to know the right thing to say at the right time.”

Melissa I.

“The diversity of the people add to the community feel of my class.”

Allyson H.

Thank you for all you have done and are doing for our community!

Becki V.

“I have been feeling SO good and truly attribute a lot of that to the yoga I did throughout [my pregnancy] and continue to do at home now. I am so thankful for what my body has been able to do and I continue to be grateful for how good I’ve felt.”

Allison S.

“I love this place! I have M.S. and this is where I come to feel good.”

Patty E.

“I look forward to my yoga class every week. My instructor is awesome.”

Natalie B.

“Triangle is my favorite pose. It keeps me out of the chiropractor!”

Cheryl M.

“I love my classes! All of your instructors (that I have met) are awesome people.”

Sarah K.

“PTY is my peaceful place!!”

Lisa S.

I am more flexible than I have been since high school. Yoga at Peace through Yoga has been life changing for me.

Lisa T.

“I am so thankful that I found your studios. It has only been a month but I already feel so much better.”

Nicole P.

“The studios are always clean and inviting.”

Natalie D.

“I really enjoy the way the teachers give time for each person to try the difficult poses.”

Haylie S.

“If it involves a bolster, I know I am going to love it!”

Jeanne D.

I love my yoga. It helps me in so many ways.

Susan S.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class yesterday…. and your studio is beautiful.

JoAnn M.

Every time I walk out of Peace Through Yoga I have felt noticeably more serene and happier than when I came in.

Clare W.

“I love Peace through Yoga. It’s my favorite studio in town. Since first coming here, it is now the only one I go to.”

Diane S.

“I love my regular instructor! She is friendly and warm, doesn’t make you feel badly if you can’t do a pose, is very nonjudgmental and always seems to know the right thing to say at the right time.”

Melissa I.

I so enjoy Peace Through Yoga! I wish I could participate every day.

Robin D.

we meet you where you are