Our mission

Peace through Yoga Foundation’s mission is to make an impact through transformational yoga and service. Our service, or karma yoga, is accomplished through our International Center for Girls in the rainforest area of Costa Rica. Week-long retreats are offered there to include yoga, adventure, and service. Our transformational yoga is offered during our Costa Rica retreats where you are doing yoga one to two times a day.

International Center for Girls in Costa Rica
Peace through Yoga Foundation’s International Center for Girls’  mission is to enrich, educate, and empower girls in the rural area of Carbón I and the surrounding community in Costa Rica.   Our vision is for the Costa Rican girls will grow up to be smart, poised and confident. Our hope is for each girl to reach their full intellectual and earning potential so that they are economically self-sufficient and can assume leadership positions in communities. Individuals who participate in our one week retreats to Costa Rica spend a day with the girls doing educational activities.

Transformational Yoga

One goal is for yoga to be transformational to all students who participate in our Costa Rica retreats.  We want to give you the knowledge you need to purify your body, focus your mind, find balance in your life, and increase your spiritual well-being.  We accomplish this through setting intentions and focusing on the Eight Limbs of Yoga and/or the Chakras to bring peace, love, and happiness in all you do.

Peace through Yoga Foundation is a 501c3 Public Charity

Traveling with a Purpose

Costa Rica Retreats with Service, Yoga and Adventure
Making a difference one girl at a time at our International Center for Peace

Our global project and service work on our humanitarian, adventure, yoga retreats is in Carbon I, a small village two miles inland from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. There are about 300 inhabitants spread throughout a large area of approximately one square mile. It is a needy area with children and their families we have come to know and love.


Academia Internacional Para Niñas

Due to the need for better education in Carbon and the rate of girls not going on to high school, Peace through Yoga Foundation has implemented a comprehensive Girls for Success program that focuses on 16 selected girls in the area. The program not only includes English classes daily, but also music, crafts, yoga, conflict resolution, field trips and guest speakers periodically.   The new key element added in 2015 is a revenue sewing project. Local seamstresses have volunteered to do a rotating schedule so that girls will learn sewing as a skill and maybe as a trade.

It is our long term goal to graduate all of our girl students so that they continue their studies through high school and beyond. Peace through Yoga Foundation has known the local families for many years and looks forward to working with them closer on providing a quality education for their children.

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