Guest Blog

The Power of YOU!

By Diane Schabath One of my favorite motivational quotes is by Anthony Rapp, “There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.” It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Yet with all the demands, priorities, and crises we face each day, it’s hard...
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thumbs up and a high five

Guest Blogger and Peace through Yoga Teacher, Sara Naderi Kids’ Yoga doesn’t invoke a picture of organized calm and peace. Kids are so honest you will know right away if your students have lost interest. I was naturally a bit anxious as I drove to...
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Listening to your inner voice will bring you peace

By guest blogger, Anna Weber, Olympic Marathon pre-qualifier As I meditated in Shavasana at the end of my weekly gentle/restorative yoga class and listened to Mindi as she left me with parting words of wisdom, I realized the words she spoke rang especially...
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