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Mindi Epstein, Peace through YogaPeace through Yoga’s owner and visionary, Mindi Epstein (ERYT-200, RYT-500, YACEP), founded Main Street Yoga in Speedway, Indiana in September 2013. Less than a year later, her business expanded with the acquisition of Peace through Yoga in Zionsville, followed by the establishment of a third studio in historic Danville in the spring of 2015. Mindi’s passion for making the benefits of yoga accessible to communities surrounding major metropolitan areas spawned Peace through Yoga’s mission statement: We meet you where you are: physically, spiritually and geographically.

Under her direction, the studios have become vibrant centers for what Mindi defines as “real life yoga.” The studios’ are serene havens where students have safe space for personal growth and exploration, and where they learn to integrate the benefits of an ancient practice into their modern, 21st century lives. Experienced and credentialed teachers guide students of all ages and abilities through authentic practice without artifice. Truly, Mindi’s studios are aptly named for those who seek peace…through yoga.

Mindi came to her own practice of yoga as an avid runner and cyclist to improve her sports performance. Imbued with an alert, eager spirit, she quickly recognized the power of yoga and committed to this practice of authenticity and self-acceptance. What began as a quest for external movement led to internal stillness Mindi didn’t know she had been seeking. Since that discovery well over a decade ago, she has been driven to share the transformational benefits of yoga with others.

Motivated by her passion, Mindi took a calculated leap of faith and became what she unabashedly calls “a corporate refugee.” She abandoned her successful career as a Senior Vice President of marketing and communications for a large not-for-profit organization and delved into the realms of entrepreneurship as a yoga studio owner. She steered Peace through Yoga’s rapid growth by developing yoga communities where previously there had been a dearth and need. Each location has become woven into the fabric of the communities they serve through local support and events, and by offering personal yoga instruction, an appealing variety of classes and workshops, and certified yoga teacher trainings.

Mindi’s quest for knowledge predates her dedication to yoga. Always an enthusiastic student of life and learning, she is a graduate of the University of Michigan, BA with Honors, a published writer and somewhat surprisingly, a former archaeological conservator of frescoes and mosaics at sites in the Middle East. Mindi has trained with notable national and international yoga instructors, including Seane Corn, Jason Crandall, Tiffany Cruikshank, Gary Kraftsow, Judith Hanson Lasater, Nikki Myers, Dharma Mittra, Eric Paskel, Shiva Rea and Sianna Sherman. Locally, she has expanded her extensive knowledge and experience by studying with Sally Brown Bassett, Marsha Pappas, Nancy Schalk, Matece Skow and David Treat, and has completed the Stewards of Children training for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

This rich inheritance contributes to Mindi’s vision for the studios and Peace through Yoga’s Real Life Yoga Immersion training program leading to the Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification.

Her conscientious devotion to alignment in both body and spirit ensures that every student is met where they are in their yoga practice. With 30 dedicated yoga teachers under her direction, three studios and more than 60 hours of classes each week, Real Life Yoga is Mindi’s contribution and legacy to the greater Indianapolis yoga community.

we meet you where you are

physically, spiritually and geographically

  • Our gentle class was awesome!

    Anne M. , Gentle Yoga, August 5, 2014


  • Class was wonderful!

    Andrea H., Vinyasa, All Levels July 5

    I am definitely feeling the effects of my workout from Thursday morning, but in a good way. I love the space you have created at Main Street Yoga, and you were so kind and welcoming.

  • Good workout!

    Lynn M. ,

    Pushing myself a little more each time.

  • Sundays

    Anne S.,

    We all are talking about how our our Sunday class really relaxes us and puts us in the right frame of mind for Monday. I actually don't hate Mondays at work anymore!!!!

  • Loved the first class with Mark!

    Julie B., Hatha All Levels, June 17

    I loved looking at something from a new perspective. That's what is great about Main Street Yoga—all the instructors bring something different to the mat!

  • Lisa T. , January 11, 2014

    I am more flexible than I have been since high school. Yoga at Peace through Yoga has been life changing for me.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the class yesterday….

    JoAnn M. , Vinyasa Level 1, October 13, 2013

    and your studio is beautiful.

  • Your enthusiasm is contagious.


    Your knowledge and sincerity are amazing

  • Class was great last night.

    Amy S. , July 23, 2014

    I'm glad I found a studio that is closer to home than downtown!

  • Thank you…

    Becki V. , June 17, 2014

    Thank you for all you have done and are doing for our community!

  • I really enjoyed the class with Lisa…

    Grace W., Gentle Yoga, June 3, 2014

    she is a wonderfully gifted instructor.

  • Thanks for being such an inspiration!!

    Megan D., June 3, 2014
  • I love my yoga.

    Susan S., May 19

    It helps me in so many ways.

frequently asked questions

If you have questions about yoga, you can be sure others have had them too.
Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.
What if I've never done yoga before?

Congratulations! You have just taken your first step toward trying yoga by asking this question. You may be most comfortable in our 4-Week Beginner Series where you can learn the foundations and principles of yoga before attending a regular weekly class.

Another alternative is to come to one of our Gentle/Restorative or Beginning Yoga for All Bodies classes. Our certified yoga instructors provide direction for easing into and out of the poses safely, and are there to assist you. There are many variations of each pose, and your instructor will guide you into the one that is best for you.

Something to remember is that yoga is referred to as a “practice.” That means every yogi is always learning regardless of what level of experience he or she may have. In the end, we are all new to yoga because each time we roll out our mat, we are exploring something new.

Is yoga for me? I don't look like a yogi!
We love this question because you are not alone in holding the misconception that a yogi is young, lithe and flexible like a rubber band. A yogi is anyone who practices yoga. We practice yoga for the physical benefits of improved strength, balance and flexibility; for the restorative benefits of relaxation, stress control and improved breathing; and for some, the spiritual benefits of quieting the mind and finding something deeper within. One does not need to “look like a yogi” to achieve these benefits. They are available to all.

What should I wear to class?
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing because you will move in and out of poses in every class. Yoga includes forward bends, which you will want to take into consideration when selecting a top. Bottoms should be comfortable around the waist. Yoga is practiced without shoes and socks.

Which class is best for me?

Sometimes the “best” class for you depends on the day and how you are feeling. Take a moment to take stock of how you are feeling. Agitated? Try a Gentle/Restorative class. Energetic? Register for a Vinyasa, Baptiste or Ashtanga class. Lethargic? Pick up your energy with any of our Vinyasa classes. Rusty? Our 4-week Yoga Essentials for Beginners workshop or regularly scheduled Beginning Yoga for All Bodies classes will get you back in the game.

We encourage you to try different styles of classes. There is always something to be learned from each instructor and class format, and modifications to poses can be offered to ease you into a pose or to challenge you. If you are pregnant or have any physical limitations, we suggest starting with a Beginning Yoga for All Bodies or Vinyasa Level I class (and please inform your instructor before class).

How do I register for classes?
You can register from the convenience of your computer, tablet or phone on our website any time before class. We strongly recommend advance registration. We like to know you are coming! Plus, check-in is easy when you arrive at the studio – simply sign in and find your favorite spot without having to stop and pay. In the event of an emergency (yes, we had a tree fall on an instructor’s car before class), we will call you if you are registered in advance. Thank you for registering online!

What should I eat before class?
You will feel most comfortable if you come to class with an empty stomach (think of forward bends on a full tummy). Eat no less than 2 hours before class so your food has time to digest. Drink water before and after class so your body is well hydrated. Yoga poses can cleanse your body of toxins, so water aids in moving these out of the body.

What if I can't do a pose?
Yoga is a practice, so everyone is somewhere on the learning curve no matter how experienced a yogi may be. That means you may think you “can’t” do a pose while we interpret that as meaning you are “learning” to do a pose. Your instructor will offer you modifications and assistance so you gain the benefits of the pose. Ultimately, the benefits are the purpose of the practice, not the poses themselves.

Is yoga a religion?

You are not alone in asking this question. After all, what is this fad called “yoga?” This popular practice actually is thousands of years old. While it has been associated with Hinduism because of its origins in the Indus Valley, yoga does not impose a belief system on its adherents. Instead, it is a science to attain optimal health, a peaceful mind and a more meaningful, purposeful life.

People of all faiths and religions practice yoga. Their reasons for coming to the mat are as individual as they are. Some desire the physical benefits of the practice – the stretching, strength-building and skeletal alignment. Others seek refuge from our busy modern world – yoga is 75 minutes of being unplugged from all electronics. Yet still others come for spiritual reasons because the mindfulness of the physical practice, the attention to the breath and the relaxation techniques allow them to quiet the mind and focus within.

  • If you are willing to change your thinking, you can change your life.
    Louise Hay
  • The quieter you become, the more you can hear.
    Ram Dass
  • Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.
    Henry Ford
  • And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
    Meister Eckhart
  • We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.
    Joseph Campbell
  • Remember all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.
    Debbie Ford