What’s Luck Got To Do With It? Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Owning and operating yoga studios came from my vision of freedom from the corporate world, in whatever form that might be, and was founded on a dream of entrepreneurship. Luck had nothing to do with it. In my world view, intention, attraction, surrender and diligence had everything to do with it.

I understand well about following a dream and tossing the “hows” to the capable hands of the Universe. Of course planning, strategy, passion and endless hard work factor into the equation, but so does trust in the serendipitous events that invariably present themselves along the way. 

So, when husband-and-wife team Ryan and Candice Baggett unveiled their intention to launch a full-color glossy magazine dedicated to the statewide yoga community, I recognized the same passion and conviction they displayed as what I experience myself, even today, three years into my entrepreneurial venture. 

The Baggetts’ excitement is palpable, their intentions heartfelt and their inaugural issue undisputedly outstanding in content and design. I applaud their efforts as one entrepreneur to another, and we at Peace through Yoga could not be more proud of Candice, who is one of our instructors and a graduate of our Yoga Teacher Training program.

In addition to writing, publishing and community building, Candice teaches our Paddle Board Yoga classes on Thursday evenings in Eagle Creek Park, and offers a Beginning Yoga for All Bodies class at 7:15 pm on Tuesdays in our Zionsville studio. I am honored to have been invited to contribute a regular article on mudras, the symbolic hand gestures that are rich in beauty and meaning (page 66). 

Please join me and our Peace through Yoga family in congratulating these two visionaries and community leaders, Ryan and Candice Baggett. 

Take a look at the new digital version of their inaugural issue: Indiana & Yoga Magazine 

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